Coffee – it’s North Americas Most Consumed Beverage

But what are the pros and cons of drinking coffee every day, whether it be from a popular K-Cup or simply a cup of instant java? Of course we believe it’s a miracle drink. It helps us get through long, boring days when all you want to do is lay your head down on a desk and take a nap. It brings people together; the ever popular coffee date. And of course there’s so many ways to drink it. The masses have spoken about this wonderful beverage, now it’s time to find out what the experts say. Is coffee good, bad, or neutral? Or…does it really make a difference what they say?

So first let’s look at some background info on coffee. It’s said that the beverage was first found in Ethiopia, as far back as the 11th century. Coffee beans originally come from a cherry like fruit (weird, right?!). Ethiopia is still one of the world’s largest coffee producers and distributors. Ethiopian coffee typically has notes of cocoa and a floral aroma. Since then, numerous countries have been growing coffee. I guess they have to keep up with the demand! Creating the worlds most consumed beverage must come with a lot of pressure. But even a bad cup of coffee is still pretty good, right?

Now let’s dive in to the negative things that can be said about coffee; Get the hard part out of the way! One obvious thing to be said about coffee is that it contains caffeine.
Coffee best prices on K-CupsIsn’t that why we all fell in love with it in the first place? But of course something that contains as much caffeine as coffee does can become a bad thing if you don’t limit your intake. With great power comes great responsibility. Of course if you’re drinking 10 cups of coffee a day it’s going to have some negative effects on you. I mean personally I don’t enjoy burning a hole in my stomach. Don’t laugh. It happens. Coffee can be fairly acidic. It’s not recommended to drink it on an empty stomach or to drink mass amounts of it. You know those commercials for pharmaceuticals that have all of those scary side effects? The kind of side effects that they have to list to avoid law-suits, but they rarely ever actually happen? That’s kind of the same thing with coffee. If you do some researching, you’ll find lots of people saying that coffee consumption, or rather caffeine consumption, can cause things like anxiousness, irritability (personally, I think it has the opposite effect), increased blood pressure, heart rate, etc. Coffee certainly has a higher caffeine content than most things we consume, but really caffeine can be found anywhere. Chocolate we eat, numerous other drinks, health supplements, and more. You really can’t hide from caffeine, but you can be smart about how much you take in. Another concern that is regularly brought up to us at Markcol really has nothing to do with the coffee and more to do with presentation. K-cups have a bad rep for being horrible for the environment. We try to do our best in our stores to have as little waste as possible; reusing every box we can, recycling things we can’t use, and not having any plastic bags. But the environment still suffers from our love of coffee. K-cups come in small plastic pods that, until recently, have been ending up in landfills. But like everything, k-cups have evolved and the opinions of consumers were heard and now we are seeing numerous brands coming out with recyclable k-cups. Hallelujah!! Things always progress and change over time, and k-cups are really no different. When it comes to the negative aspects of coffee consumption, it’s the same with anything else; you take the good with the bad.

Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at the numerous benefits of drinking coffee. First of all, did you know that coffee is 98% water? And the other 2% is just polyphenols, which are antioxidants. Coffee K-cups Best Prices in Canada shopover300kcupsThat means these polyphenols are actually beneficial to us. That’s right, while drinking a cup of coffee, you are consuming antioxidants. So tell that to whoever gives you a hard time about your coffee addiction! The most polyphenols are found in light and medium roasts. While a stronger coffee may be more appealing to you, try finding a bolder medium roast to get the best of both worlds. On a recent Dr. Oz episode, he brought up the concern about consuming pesticides in coffee. The fix for that is quite simple. At Markcol, we carry a whole bunch of organic k-cups. Problem solved. Pesticides can be found anywhere. Anything that is grown in a field will have pesticides in them. Unless you’re buying everything organic, you’re consuming pesticides in more than just your coffee. I’ve already listed some negative side effects of coffee, but there are so many positive ones too! Looking at the list, I think the good outweighs the bad. Just a few of these benefits include: improved memory, increased blood flow to the heart, protects your liver, helps with depression, and increases your energy and mental alertness. We think this Dr.Oz is on to something! We even learned from the doctor, that decaf coffee has the exact same health benefits as regular coffee. It just doesn’t have the caffeine kick. Other positive effects of coffee consumption can be proven just by drinking it. It cures your exhaustion, can nurse a hangover, and even just make you a generally happier person. Coffee turns anyone into a morning person. There’s really not much that a good cup of coffee can’t fix.

All in all, like anything else we consume, coffee has its good and bad qualities. In North America, more than 400,000,000 cups of coffee are consumed daily. I don’t think that number is going to slow down or decrease any time soon. Should you cut coffee out of your life? Absolutely not! Should you drink it responsibly and know your limit? Yes. Everything is good in moderation. So drink it hot, cold, blended, black, double-double. Whatever your heart desires. For now, we’re gonna trust our friend Dr. Oz and the other experts that say coffee is beneficial to our health!

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