Recyclable K-Cups

Just recently, Keurig has gotten itself a bad reputation in the single serve coffee world for its inability to support a more environmentally friendly way to use their coffee pods. Now, I care about the environmentally as much as the next person who has a conscience, which is why I always steer myself, and others, to drinking coffees that support a more green and sustainable way of consuming coffee. Clearly, what is desirable throughout Canada today is environmentally friendly K-Cups!

Environmentally Friendly k-cups from Marley Coffee are recyclable k-cupsIt should come as no surprise that Mother Parkers have decided to lead the way in the new age of recyclable and environmentally friendly K-Cups. There has been so much negative press for Keurig surrounding this issue, and the first company to hear the cries of Keurig users was Mother Parkers. Slowly but surely every cup distributed by this company is coming in a fancy see through k-cup that, you guessed it, is completely recyclable and an environmentally friendly K-Cup! Not to mention the fact that they have made it an incredibly easy process. There is literally no mess to clean up afterwards. They have included a feature that allows you to simply pull a tab to separate the coffee from the plastic cup. This keeps k-cups where they should be; Out of the garbage can, and out of the landfills! When the negative articles surrounding the landfills filling up with k-cups started circling, I knew something would be done about it, and soon. When I heard that Mother Parkers was the first company to introduce a recyclable k-cup and not the owners of Keurig themselves: Green Mountain Coffee Co, I wasn’t surprised.

Will Keurig Get On Board With Environmentally Friendly K-Cups?

Green Mountain is yet to divulge when they will be taking part in this new age of K-cup designs, if at all. I wasn’t surprised by this news because Mother Parkers has always been a company who are constantly trying to use the most clean, green, sustainable practices of any other k-cup brand on the market and this first ever release of environmentally friendly K-Cups is a great move. Don’t forget, Mother Parkers is a family of brands so the cups that are changing over to this recyclable format include: Brown Gold, Marley Coffee, Higgins & Burke, Wolfgang Puck, Martinson, Freedom Ridge, and so many more leading brands will adopts these recyclable k-cups packaging. I’ve mentioned in previous blogs the other initiatives Mother Parkers is taking part in from crop to cup. You can find those in the blog section of this site, as well as the K-Cup tips section.

Recyclable K-Cups and Environmentally Friendly K-Cups Are The Future

Environmentally friendly K-cups from One Roast are biodegradable and very ecofriendlyAlthough Mother Parkers is leading the way in recyclable k-cups, they don’t get all the credit in environmentally friendliness. There’s one brand that has been greener than other cups the whole time. They do this by not including a plastic cup around their coffees at all! This company is One Coffee. Markcol carries numerous varieties of this brand and they even have a Swiss Water Process Decaf dark roast. This brand allows you to skip the recycling all together and allows you to compost the coffee and filter. This leaves you with close to no waste from your morning coffee. It is a brand you probably have not heard much about but don’t let that fool you; these coffees are underrated, they are flavourful, and have something to offer any type of coffee drinker; Light, Medium, Dark and Decaf.

You might remember a few months back reading the articles, and watching the news and hearing about the Keurig boycott. If you missed it, the articles taught us that in 2013 GMCR produced around 8 billion k-cups, which is enough to circle the globe more than 10 times. Seems unbelievable, but it is true. At this time, no recyclable cups were on the market. The amount of people using these cups does nothing but rise, so here’s to hoping other companies start manufacturing the recyclable k-cups and we can stop feeling guilty about drinking the beverage we love!