K-Cup Coffee Innovation!

K-Cups News Twisted Pine crème brulee K-Cup CoffeeEvery once in a while we get a new K-Cup coffee product that surprises everyone. That’s what happened when we brought in Twisted Pine. What started off as just a few fun new flavours has now become one of our largest brands we have in store.  The response we’ve gotten after bringing this brand to our stores has been amazing. Everyone is loving the variety and unique options available in this brand. One of my favourites? The “Salty Caramel Cappuccino” or perhaps the “Candy Cane” coffee. Just to put it into perspective, we first got about 10 coffees from Twisted Pine. After we found out just how good they were, we now have over 25 different Twisted Pine coffees at Markcol. Trying new things can be scary but at .67 cents per K-Cup coffee, you don’t have much to lose.

When we first started carrying the Twisted Pine K-Cup coffee brand my first thought was “what is this brand? I’ve never even heard of it.” So after doing some research, I found out that this is a company that is truly passionate about their product. That’s what every company should have right? I think with K-Cup coffee this is especially necessary though. Roasting coffee and creating coffee that you think people will love is a lot of work. It’s not something just anyone can do. One of their main statements for their company goes like this: “The desire to be the very best and provide the perfect cup over and over again is our pursuit.  Our dream is that you taste our passion and commitment to excellence and you love our coffee as much as we do!”. So with that being said, it was time to try a Twisted Pine K-cup coffee.

Variety Is The Spice Of  K-Cup Coffee Life

I think one of the best parts about having a keurig is all the variety. I’ll be honest and say that before I started working here at Markcol, I had never drunk coffee before. (how did I survive without my K-Cup coffee, right?) Well now I love it just as much as the next, so trying new coffees that we get here is one of the most exciting parts of my day. No lie. The excitement in the store when we see a new K-Cup coffee product come in is almost tangible. So this foreign K-Cup coffee brand comes through our door and it’s like Christmas morning. One of the best things about this brand is the unique flavours. I love me some flavoured K-Cup coffee, and Twisted Pine has flavours we’ve never had before. Carameled Sea Salt, Candy Cane, Blueberry Cobbler, and a Vanilla Chai Latte just to name a few. Well I was certainly not disappointed when I tried them. The flavours were bang on. And aside from having great flavour, it was a great cup of coffee too.  Twisted Pine has so much more than just flavoured K-Cup coffee though. Do you ever drink a decaf coffee? They can be boring in terms of flavoured options, so this next piece of information will be exciting to decaf drinkers.

We’ve always had issues with finding flavoured coffees in a decaf option. Usually you could only find the standard vanilla, hazelnut, and you guessed it, vanilla hazelnut.  Boring right? Twisted Pine has really upped our decaf game, bringing flavours like Irish Crème, Crème Brulee, and more to the decaf section.  It makes me wonder why no other K-Cup coffee brand had cool flavours like that before? Surely if Twisted Pine can do it, it’s not impossible for other brands. I guess they’re just ahead of the game and know what decaf drinkers are looking for. Twisted Pine = extremely smart.

Twisted Pine Soup?

Twisted Pine Classic Beef Soup 24ct.One of the newest Twisted Pine products; and the product I was most skeptical about, are the soups. Yes, Soup. S-O-U-P. From your Keurig. I’m starting to believe that there’s really nothing your Keurig brewer can’t do. These soup k-cups are just like regular k-cups. You brew it exactly like a coffee, but instead you get a hot cup of broth. One of the great things about these soups is that they are so versatile. They’re just a broth, so why not try cooking with them? Use them as a base for a sauce or a stew, or anything else you can think of. One of my favourite things to do with them is to throw in some noodles and bam, you have lunch. They’re also great for when someone in the house is sick and doesn’t have much of an appetite. It’s quick, convenient, and is gluten free with no MSG! They’re honestly something you should always have on hand because they taste great and are a quick and easy snack for when you’re on the go. Don’t be skeptical of them like I was, and as always, you can purchase just 1 cup when you visit one of our stores. But we think you’ll want the whole box once you give it a try.

Twisted Pine has become a K-Cup coffee brand that has quickly taken over a whole lot of shelf space here at Markcol. It’s really amazing how fast these have become some of our best selling coffees, soups, and specialty k-cups. This company truly cares about putting out a good product and you can taste the passion and creativity that goes into each and every k-cup coffee that they package. It’s one of the most prominent brands on our shelves now and we wouldn’t have it any other way!