K-Cups news! Here at Markcol we always try and keep things, new and exciting for our K-cups customers. It’s really important to us (and to you too) that we keep things fresh and bring in new products we think everyone will love! The same thing goes for discontinuing product that isn’t so popular. We are constantly on the hunt for new varieties of k-cups, so you can bet that every time you come into one of our stores or shop online with us, there will be something new we would love to tell you about! So here’s what’s new and what we feel you must try the next time you stock up on your Keurig K-cups.  So with that in mind here is an update on all the K-Cups news and latest happenings.

 Here’as Some big K-Cups News: Torani K-Cups are here!

 K-Cups News Torani Smores Hot CocoaA few months ago we introduced a brand of coffees by Torani. This in particular was very exciting for all of us at Markcol. Why, you might ask? Because we’ve been carrying Torani flavouring syrups for a few years now. These syrups can be used to flavour anything! From coffee, tea, pancakes, to sodas and alcoholic beverages! So we knew if ANYONE could come out with a great flavoured coffee it was this brand. And we were right. When these coffees first landed on Markcol shelves, we were very eager to try them. As a personal favourite, I have to recommend the salted caramel. It’s delicious. And to make it even a little better than it already is, I add Torani Salted Caramel flavouring syrup as well. It just takes the coffee to the next level. Other flavours we have include coconut macaroon (another favourite), toasted hazelnut, and French vanilla. Now I know it seems as thought some of those flavours have been done. Yes, we do carry multiple hazelnut coffees and multiple French vanilla coffees. But the difference is the brand. Torani really nailed it when they made these K-cups. Full of flavour. A flavour you can actually taste! We were definitely right to be excited about these coffees. But something even newer that we’ve come to love? Torani S’mores Hot Chocolate! Yes, it’s as delicious as you’re hoping it will be. Marshmallowy, graham cracker goodness! It’s the newest of the Torani family that we’ve brought to Markcol. You’ll also find some standard light and dark roasts by this brand that won’t disappoint either. Torani is definitely one brand that you don’t want to miss. We’re extremely happy with how these k-cups turned out and we know all of our customers will think so too! This brand is big K-Cups News!

More K-cups News: Twisted Pine K-Cups!

Another new brand you’ll find in Markcol stores is a new brand called Twisted Pine. This brand first came to us a few months ago and we’ve been slowly adding more and more to our shelves as we find new and exciting varieties. We’ve got a whole lot of Twisted Pine now and the reviews are all the same! Everyone is loving it so far. The flavoured coffees are  K-Cups News Twisted Pine crème brulee made with a medium roast, which is good for those who find flavoured coffees too light. Not to mention the flavours are unique to Markcol. Like candy cane, cinnamon coffee cake, and more! After we got the flavoured coffees and they were a hit, we decided to bring in some more! We now carry Twisted Pine specialty K-Cups as well! Hot chocolates, ciders, cappuccinos, as well as some un-flavoured regular coffees and decafs. We were able to bring in some exciting decaf flavours as well! Normally decaf drinkers can expect to find vanilla, hazelnut, and vanilla hazelnut (how exciting, right?) on our shelves. Well we didn’t think this was fair to anyone who drinks decaf. SO, we brought in new and exciting flavours that we didn’t even know were available in a decaf! Flavours like crème brulee and Irish crème. Let’s just say it just got more exciting to be a decaf drinker! There’s nothing more important to us than supplying our awesome customers like you with a product you’ll love. That’s why we do our research before bringing in new products. And when a product isn’t doing as well as we’d hoped, we can discontinue it and bring in something that will!

Although we never like to discontinue someone’s favourite coffee, sometimes we don’t have a choice. Whether the manufacturer has stopped making it, or it’s become ridiculously expensive (*cough*, Canadian dollar, *cough*). When we have to discontinue something, we always make sure there will be something in its place that you will love. The last thing we want to do is leave someone high and dry. Or high and un-caffeinated I guess is a better way to put it. We will always have something to recommend in place of something that has been taken off our shelves. Which means we then have space for next product! It’s always fun to try new k-cups and find new favourites. There’s always something new going on at Markcol. Things are always changing and evolving and we are constantly coming up with ways to better our company and give you the best Keurig experience we can offer you.  So what will be new next month? You’ll just have to pay us a visit and see for yourself, and of course try a few fun flavours along the way. Keep coming back to our blog for more K-Cups News and check our online store for the best K-Cups deals in Canada!