On this K-Cups Tips page, the many K-Cups coffee and tea professionals at Markcol from both the online business as well as the physical retail stores provide insightful tips on K-cups and your Keurig machine and share them with all Canadians. Markcol employees share your enthusiasm for the K-Cups experience and look forward to sharing their knowledge with you. If you have a suggestion for tip please leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we will try to include a tip on that topic.

When ever possible we will try to put a link in the tip to any  products mentioned  so you can try it yourself and benefit from our expertise first hand!

K-Cups Tips #1 Brew K-Cups coffee over ice?

How To Brew K-Cups over ice.

Iced Coffee K-Cups Tips from MarkcolOne of the questions we get asked all the time at Markcol: “Where is the iced coffee?” The answer is simple; Every single cup in our stores can be made over ice! One of our favourite things to do here is experiment with K-Cups on our Keurig machine and we are always coming up with new, tasty drinks to enjoy. You can choose any K-cup you want and make it over ice.

The trick to this K-Cups Tip is to brew the cup on the smallest cup setting your machine can do; preferably a 4oz serving. Add your cream, your sugar and throw in some ice for a cold treat! The ice will melt and will give you a full size serving of your favourite coffee.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to make something a little bit fancier try frothing some milk (even chocolate milk!) and pour it over top. Add some whipped cream if you want! Or what about a flavour shot using your favourite Torani syrup? There are so many different ways to enjoy iced coffee from your Keurig; give this K-Cups Tip recipe for a “S’mores iced coffee” a go!

Brew 4oz of your favourite chocolate flavoured coffee
Add a cup of ice
3 pumps Torani toasted marshmallow syrup
Add desired cream/milk
Top with whipped cream and crushed graham cracker


K-Cups Tips #2 Double Double

How To: A True Tim Horton’s K-Cup Double Double

Tim Horton's K-Cups Tips from Markcol Now that you can get Tim Horton’s coffee in k-cups, one of the things you will need to know is how to make it taste exactly like what you would get at the drive-thru window at your local Timmie’s. One of the K-Cups Coffee Tips secrets we will let you in on is that Tim’s uses 18% cream in their coffee.

This could explain why you just can’t get it to taste right from your Keurig brewer. If you’re using anything other than 18% cream, then your Tim’s wont be a true Tim’s. Who knew a certain cream could be the key to a perfect cup of Tim’s?

Fun K-Cups Tips fact: did you know that Tim Horton’s serves Higgins and Burke tea in their coffee shops? For all you tea lovers, Markcol carries this tea in all of our stores so if that Timmie’s tea is what you’re after, we’ve got you covered!

Tim Horton’s has also made available their dark roast coffee, decaf coffee (which might we add is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process) and their French vanilla cappuccino for the Keurig brewer. You can find all of these available at your local Markcol location; which one will you be enjoying next?


K-Cups Tips #3 The Leap to Dark Roast

If you’ve been drinking the same type of coffee for years, maybe it’s time to switch it up. There are hundreds of options of k-cups available so why stick to one kind? Maybe you’re getting bored of the typical medium roast you’ve been drinking day in and day out and it’s time to take things over to the dark side.

K-Cups Tips: making the leap to dark roast can be a scary, daunting task; but we’re here to help!

Balzac's A Dark Affair K-Cups Tips from MarkcolIf you want to start things off a little lighter, you may want to try Martinson’s Dark Roast for a nice smooth, blend. This coffee is not bitter in taste but still strong enough to differentiate itself from a medium roast. Now, if you really want to dive into the dark roast, I can tell you that the darkest dark roast you will find on a Markcol shelf is Barista Prima French Roast; That’s if you’re looking for something extremely dark, almost bitter in taste and you’re feeling like a real dare devil. But we carry the lightest of dark roasts to the darkest of dark roasts and everything in between. A newer addition to the dark roast family here at Markcol is Balzac Coffee – “A Dark Affair”. I would rank this one in the middle in terms of intensity but this coffee will not disappoint. A full flavour dark coffee with rich, vibrant tastes. So next time you’re in Markcol why not give something new a try and switch to the dark side?

K-Cups Tips bonus: Don’t forget you can buy singles of the coffees you’re looking to try, and our employees are always eager to recommend a switch-up!


K-cups Tips #4: What’s In a Flavoured K-Cups Coffee?

Martinson Pumpkin Pie K-Cups TipsOne of the K-Cups Tips I get asked for at Markcol all the time is “How many calories are in this flavoured coffee?”. The answer will always be the same; there aren’t any. But then how can a pumpkin pie flavoured coffee taste just like pumpkin pie? There has to be some sort of sugar or something in it besides just coffee. The process for flavouring a coffee just involves spraying flavoured oil over the beans as they’re roasting, and the flavour gets roasted right in. The only k-cups you will find on our shelves with any calories, fat, sugars etc. are the tasty cappuccinos, hot chocolates, apple ciders, and lattes just to name a few.

One of the easiest ways to figure out if there’s something extra added to your coffee is right on the box itself… Nutritional information.

If you’re brewing just a regular or flavoured coffee you won’t find any of those Nutrition facts on the box, but as soon as something else is added it becomes necessary for the company to post exactly what’s in each k-cup.

Another way to tell is by looking at the ingredients. Regular coffees will simply say something like “100% Arabica coffee” (or whichever kind of coffee it is), while specialty k-cups will have everything listed for you. So next time you want to try that salted caramel coffee don’t worry about any calories until after you’ve added your cream and sugar!

Let us know if you enjoy reading our K-Cups Tips and feel free to ask our staff about any our over 350 K-Cups products.


K-Cups Tips #5 – When to Clean Your Brewer

Keurig K-Cups Tips from MarkcolLike all small appliances, treat your Keurig right and it will treat you well for years. I love my Keurig probably more than any other kitchen appliance I own and I want it to love me back, so every once in a while it’s important to clean it inside and out. Today’s update for K-Cups Tips will help you do exactly that!

Have you ever noticed your Keurig just not performing to the best of its ability? Cleaning it is usually the first thing I recommend; it’s pretty much a fix for any issue with your brewer.

Keurig brewers have a “descaling” indicator to let you know when it’s time to flush your machine, but if you’re using your Keurig a lot you will most likely be doing it a kindness to clean it more often than the brewer asks. The cleaning process is painless, yet effective.

The first thing you will need is a product to descale the brewer. “Clean Cup Descaling Liquid” is available at all Markcol stores as well as online for $6.99, and each bottle gets you 3 uses. You’ll empty 1/3 of the bottle into the water reservoir and fill the rest with water. Then brew the solution through your machine.

Pro K-Cups Tip: I always recommend leaving the solution overnight to sit in the pipes of your brewer to really breakdown any build up. In the morning just flush your machine with regular water and the cleaning process is finished! Easy, and your Keurig will thank you!


K-Cups Tips #6 – Hot Chocolate Hack!

Hot Chocolate K-Cups Tips for K-Cups coffeeYou may have noticed that here at Markcol we have a lot of hot chocolates. In the past couple of weeks alone we’ve gotten 2 brand new ones (Laura Secord Mint Hot Chocolate, and Skinny Girl Low Cal Hot Chocolate).

I love a good cup of hot chocolate, but I’ve found one common issue with them. I can never get all of the product out of the k-cup and into my mug! Of course I’ve found a way around this, and yes, I’ll share it with you!

All I do to get all of that yummy product out of the k-cup is puncture the cup multiple times! Put your hot chocolate of choice into the Keurig and close the lid. But don’t brew! Open the lid again, rotate the k-cup and close the lid again. I like to repeat this process 3, sometimes even 4 times before I actually brew the cocoa.

Once you start doing this, you’ll notice your hot chocolates tasting that much better. The problem is that the companies making these cups want to give you the best tasting cocoa they can, but sometimes the Keurig just can’t get through all of it (more product for better taste? That hardly seems like a problem.) So by punching these extra holes, you’re giving the product more space to get out of the k-cup, which means more flavour in your mug.