Tassimo vs. Keurig

For a brewer that claims to have the “most beverage variety”, the Tassimo sure is awfully limited in selection. When it comes to single serve coffee, the Keurig has an army of well over 200 varieties of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, lattes, and iced beverages in K-Cups. When single serve brewers were first gaining popularity quite a few years back, the front runner was always the Tassimo; but it seems there has been a role reversal and the Tassimo brand is dying a slow, painful death. Nowadays the Keurig with hundreds of K-Cups is claiming its rightful spot as the most popular single serve brewer on the market.

In 2014, Tassimo released a new fleet of machines and literally had to give them away and mark them down to make sales before consumers realized they were being cheated in the variety department. This machine has a patented cup design, which could be its biggest downfall when it comes to the amount of options on the retail shelf. Now, it’s true that if you want a fancy layered latté with the foamy milk Keurig is not all able. You can certainly get a sweet and creamy coffee drink from the machine but in terms of esthetics, it is lacking.Keurig K-Cips are out sellingTassimo

Tassimo vs. Nespresso

If espresso based drinks are what you’re after perhaps you should be turning your sights to the Nespresso. Not only does the sleek, space saving machine make a great espresso shot; paired up with a Nespresso milk frother there’s almost nothing it can’t do! Personally, I don’t want a latté where the milk has been sitting stagnant on a shelf for who-knows-how-long, so with the Nespresso I get to use fresh milk of my choosing, even almond milk or soy options. I’ll touch briefly on the hot chocolate side of things. Having tried the popular Cadbury brand on the Tassimo I was expecting greatness but all I was, was disappointed; the chocolates available on the Keurig are far superior than that of the Tassimo. Not to mention the flavor options for hot chocolates available on the Keurig. Peanut Butter cup hot cocoa? Sign me up.

Nespresso a better option than TassimoWhen it comes to Nespresso, most people think just espresso shots and they shy away from it if espresso isn’t their forte. But like other single serve brewers, this machine doesn’t limit itself to one market. Want regular coffee, lattés, and cappuccinos? The Nespresso can certainly do all of those things. You can save money by bundling a machine and a frother together so why not give yourself more options? If you’ve researched getting a Nespresso machine before then you probably know that Nespresso branded cups are only available online or in a Nespresso store, which quite honestly are few and far between. With that being said, Markcol offers numerous brands of compatible cups for the Nespresso Original Line brewers. These cups come straight from the motherland of espresso; Italy and Switzerland and you definitely won’t be disappointed with them. Not to mention they are a great price at just $5.99 for ten cups! The difference between a single serve espresso on a Tassimo and on a Nespresso is pretty evident. A nice full bodied, true taste espresso with a beautiful crema on top is what you’ll get from a Nespresso. Any other single serve espresso just isn’t the same and if you’re a die hard espresso connoisseur you know what comprises an amazing espresso shot and Nespresso has done it, without a doubt.

Single Serve Market is Evolving

If you’re a frequent visitor to the U.S. then you have probably noticed that Tassimo is becoming harder to find in the stores there while K-Cups are everywhere. If you compare single serve options of this machine to its biggest rival, the Keurig, there’s really no comparison. Keurig is definitely the front runner, with staggering amounts of brands, flavors, roasts and specialty beverages as well. With the Tassimo becoming more and more obsolete, it seems more people are turning to the Keurig to satisfy their coffee needs. Not only have all Markcol stores discontinued the Tassimo brand, but more and more people are trading in their Tassimo and going to either Nespresso or Keurig depending on their personal drink of choice. It may not be too long before we see other stores follow suit with the discontinuation of this brand and the unfortunate demise of this whole brand is beginning to seem imminent. Fear not, there is always a single cup brewer waiting in the shadows for those Tassimo users when they decide to jump ship!

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