Twisted Pine Cafe Allonge 24ct


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This k-cup is truly a coffee with a backbone! Twisted Pine Cafe Allonge is a French roast coffee with bold flavour and a full body. A French roast should be more than just a stronger roast, it should mean stronger flavour too. That’s what you will find inside every cup of Twisted Pine Cafe Allonge. Extreme care has been taken in the roasting process and every bean chosen for this coffee is only of the best quality! Colombian beans have been selected to make up this French roast. That means true Colombian coffee flavour can be found in each sip. Twisted Pine Cafe Allonge is more than just intense, it’s delicious too! That should be reason enough for you to give this French roast a try! Sweet and creamy Colombian flavours taken up a level. A French roast coffee is about the darkest you can go before the beans are considered burnt and unusable. So if you can’t find a coffee dark enough for you, always look for a label that says French roast! Twisted Pine Cafe Allonge combines the dark, bold qualities of a French roast with the popular flavour notes of a Colombian coffee.

Twisted Pine Cafe Allonge is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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