If you’re a coffee consumer then chances are you know all about Keurig single serve coffee brewers or you’ve at least heard of them or perhaps tried using K-Cups in Canada. Maybe you own one, maybe you’re thinking of owning one; or maybe you stand in line at your favorite coffee store and shell out 3-5 dollars every morning for your favorite coffee.

Because of the popularity of K-Cups in Canada, millions of coffee addicted citizens are enjoying some of the finest coffees at home at the push of a button in about 30 seconds; so the question is why aren’t more people hopping on the keurig bandwagon? Perhaps the cost? Maybe the coffee? But it is fully possible to save money without sacrificing enjoying some of the rarest, tastiest coffees that have become available in a k-cup format. The secret being: knowing what to look for.

The truth is, there are a lot of options for K-Cups in Canada so finding something you like won’t be very challenging. I first want to shed some light on brands that are made close to home; in Toronto actually. Mother Parkers. If you know coffee then you know this name. Mother parkers has been one of the #1 coffee brands in Canada since the early 1940’s and has been around for more than 100 years now. It’s the name you see on the coffee maker at the local diner, it’s the tea you’ve been drinking at Tim Hortons for years now. Mother Parkers has a family of brands, all available in K-Cups in Canada.

Some personal favorites for K-Cups in Canada

K-Cups in Canada from Markcol CoffeeI’ll start off with a personal favorite: Marley Coffee. Yes, that Marley. With Rohan Marley at the helm of this coffee brand, he has managed to grace our mugs with some of the finest, sustainably grown coffee in a k-cup form. At the top of the pyramid you’ll find Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. If you’ve been to Jamaica and had their coffee you know this stuff is the real deal. Which is why it is the most expensive coffee available for your keurig brewer, ringing in at a whopping $59.99 for a box of 24. If you’re looking for that Blue Mountain taste, you know it’s not something that can be duplicated so for the coffee connoisseur this is well worth it. To be able to have that true Jamaican coffee right here in K-Cups in Canada is such a treat and once you taste it you’ll understand why. It’s a must try at least once. But Marley coffee is a family of 9 different k-cup varieties, most of which are organic and all of which are sustainably grown and ethically farmed.

There’s a coffee for everyone in this brand. Light, Medium, Dark roast and even a more economical Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend, which satisfies with 20% blue mountain coffee in each cup. Each of these coffees will have you smiling with their familiar ties to Bob Marley songs. Lively Up, One Love and Buffalo Soldier just to name a few. If a rich taste and smooth finish is what you’re after then Marley coffee will be sure to please.

These coffees go for a more pocket friendly $16.00/24 cups and is about to become your new favorite coffee along with other Mother Parkers brands of K-Cups in Canada. A family of brands including Higgins & Burke, Martinson, Brown Gold, Tim Horton’s and Second Cup.

Best Deals for K-Cups in Canada

But if you are truly looking for the best bang for your buck for K-Cups in Canada then look no further than Freedom Ridge Wilderness blend. Everyone knows buying in bulk is the best value for your money and it’s no different in the k-cup realm. If you’ve recently taken a liking for the coffee brewing over at the golden arches then something tells me you’ll enjoy this Medium blend just as much; Your wallet will enjoy its’ great price too. This is a truly amazing Medium roast coffee. You don’t have to sacrifice taste for the price with this one. This bulk pack of 70 k-cups rings in at just $29.99 making it one of the best deals around for those partial to a medium roasted Arabica. Broken down, that makes each cup worth just .41 cents. Where else are you going to get a great cup of coffee for that price?

K-Cups in CanadaNow one of the great things about the Keurig machine is that there is truly something for everyone. From coffee to hot chocolate, it’s really unlikely that there wont be something you like. The Keurig is not just for the coffee drinker; I’m a tea drinker myself. Higgins & Burke have really upped their k-cup game in recent months by coming out with an incredible line of Loose Leaf Tea cups. If you’ve been buying your loose leaf tea at retail chains, chances are you’ve become accustomed to paying 10+ dollars for a few cups worth of tea. H&B have taken everything you love about loose leaf tea and have packed them into a k-cup format that are seriously bursting with flavor. Here’s something you probably didn’t know about these cups; you can double brew them. Want another cup of that amazing Lush Berry tea? Just run it through your Keurig again and get the same results the second time around. Tried and tested! Another great way of saving money with your Keurig. On top of being a great price ($16.00/box) these cups have something no other cup has: a recycling feature. Separate the tea from the plastic cup and voila, a recyclable k-cup so you can enjoy your tea guilt free.

So by now if you feel that you aren’t saving any money by using your Keurig brewer with K-Cups in Canada, let me just tell you it’s because you haven’t found the right deal yet. Even the greatest of coffee can be found at a reasonable price. Plus when you’re making a single cup at a time, your money isn’t going down the drain with the rest of the pot! The main point; you don’t need to drink crummy coffee just because it’s cheaper. You can get the same quality of coffee as your favorite coffee shop if you look in the right places for your fix of K-Cups in Canada. Don’t unplug your Keurig just yet, there are a ton of options for K-Cups in Canada.